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Shop for Sustainable Living, Business & Education

This is a shop, where you can buy our services or products.  We aim to create Sustainable Living, Sustainable Business & Sustainable Education, that is why we operate – in order to provide all that we do we  need to finance it. This is why we set up the shop – to sell products and use the money to grow, promote and run CrowdLeaf and all the activites we do. . The income generated by the commercial activies on this site will help with running costs and growth.


News, Views, Posts, Events & Campaigns

This brings together all events. campaigns and blogs from members of our community.


Our aim is to bring up-to-date news on innovation and disruptive technology covering all things green and sustainable. Together we can share the news and breakthroughs from all over the world, in all markets and we can bring together knowledge and passions that will hopefully make more advancements possible.
Following in this way, feel free to share news on campaigns and policy initiatives, be them your own or an area you feel may be of interest for our members and the community and movement we are creating. I’m sure you like the rest of us are constantly looking for the newest technology, news and ways to be involved in the area.
That is why we have a section for Investment opportunities; be they for the greater good, with a particular focus on Cooperatives, or Crowdfunded ventures, or a bit more traditional. Our founder Ryan Carter @rwscarter and many of our members are pro investments in all things green and sustainable; be they interest bearing or philanthropic with a focus on the greater good . For us every pound in Green, Bio, Low-No Carbon products and ventures in some way will help protect the world in which we live.
Sign up to our mailing-list, leave a comment & join our community. It is so easy, you can sign in using your Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites or you can post anonymously. Check out the blog for the latest posts and our crowsourced section put together by all of us.