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CrowdLeaf Newsletter 17th May 2018

Hello and Welcome to CrowdLeaf’s Newsletter!

A big thank you to Ryan who took over for last weeks newsletter while I was on holiday! ūüôā

While away, we went to Paignton Zoo and was so pleased to see them providing biodegradable and compostable take away coffee cups – there really should be more of a push for other coffee and take away chains to provide these!

I also wanted to share this beauty who lived outside our from door for a couple of days – it looks like a male Lime Hawk Moth. I’m no expert on moths or their biggest fans but not even I can deny how handsome he is! (Please feel free to correct me if I have identified him wrong.)

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Guest Piece

We have a great guest piece by Eco Collective – a vegan supermarket for good that has a great range and price for their products.

Another great guest piece regarding the pressing issue of Air Pollution and Clean Air Day 2018 by Larissa Lockwood, Head Of Health at Action Global Plan:

Combination of Cold Starts And Short Journeys Are A major Barrier To Air Pollution Improvements.

We also have a great charity event – Brave New Southampton: Variety Show Shindig! on Friday 18th May for anyone interested in a better, cleaner and greener Southampton. So come and join in!

The War On Plastic

Facts About Plastic Pollution

The Plastic Plague – Are We Really Managing It?

New Labelling Helps UK Shoppers Avoid Plastic Packaging

UK Parliament To Remove Single Use Plastics From Westminster

Bardem Wants More Action On Plastic Pollution

Plastic Bag Among 3,500 Pieces Of Debris Found At The Deepest Point In The Ocean

Climate Change and Pollution

UK Must Secure Billions In Investment To Meet Climate Targets, MP Warns

Pollution watch: Do Face Masks Really Prevent The Ill Effects Of Pollution?

‘Impossible To Ignore’: Why Alaska Is Crafting A Plan To Fight Climate Change

South Koreans More Worried About Air Pollution Than Kim’s Nukes

London Considering Car-Free Days In Bid To Tackle Air Pollution

Exposure To Air Pollution In The Womb Triggers High Blood Pressure In Children, Study Finds

Wildlife, Conservation and Environment

Wildlife Poachers In Kenya ‘To Face Death Penalty’

Palm Oil Producers Are Wiping Out Orangutans – Despite Multinationals Promises

Leaked Report Warns Cambodia’s Biggest Dam Could ‘Literally Kill’ Mekong River


Wind Power Overtakes Nuclear Energy In UK For First Time Over Last Three Months

Almost half of Australian Big Business Moving To Renewables

Investors Urge Fossil Fuel Firms To Shun Trumps Arctic Drilling Plans

Recycling and sustainability

Christopher Raeburn Launches Collaboration With Palladium Boots

Surrey Creates ‘Super Group’ To Investigate Whether The Greening Of Cities Helps Mental Health

Almost 4 Tonnes Of Extra Plastic Recycled Since New Recycling Bin Banks Introduced


Big Green Wheels 18th May

Brave New World Variety Show Shindig in Southampton – 18th May

Repair Cafe 19th May

Sholing Valley’s Spring Fayre 2018 19th May

Final Straw Solent Beach Clean – Southsea Seafront 20th May

Tools And Tips For Reducing Plastic 24th May

Environmental Rock 28th May

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Clean Air Day 21st June

Handy Websites

Check Out Eco Collective who offer 100% vegan products and offer gluten free and organic produce.

Something we look to help businesses do in the future. If you are a business that is in the waste(not) business please get in touch –Mixed Plastic Banks In Southampton

Here is Southampton’s list on what to put into your blue lid recycling bin: What Can I Recycle?

Pledge Your Commitment To Improving Hampshires Recycling Habits

Hampshire Recycling

This brilliant website gives tips and ideas about food waste and how to reduce it.

Love Food Hate Waste

Instead of throwing out or bagging up (to gather dust) all those clothes children quickly grow out of this is a brilliant website to buy or sell unwanted children clothes. It is run by a busy mum who also knows what it’s like with ever growing children and the endless amount of clothes children accumulate.

‚ÄėLast year a quarter of the clothing we got rid of was simply thrown away. That‚Äôs a staggering 300,000 tonnes that went into landfill. So many of those items could have been re-used and enjoyed by a another child, instead of contributing to the destruction of the planet.‚Äô


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A Vegan Supermarket for Good @EcoCollectiveUK

We at Crowdleaf.org.uk are carrying another fantastic guest piece this week. This article was written for us by Hayley from The Eco Collective and it is a group we are starting to work with who are promoting a more sustainable future and a more sustainable diet.

The Eco Collective is unique as it is a 100% Vegan Supermarket that can more than compete on price and range. It vital we live more sustainably and remember you don’t have to be a vegan to shop with them, but in the quest towards eating more sustainably the world needs less meat and less dairy. For a more sustainable diet try the eco collective it is a great place to start.

A Vegan Supermarket for Good 

 My name is Hayley Guerrier and I am the co-founder of The Eco Collective, a not-for-profit social enterprise created by me and my mum Juliet and launched on 16th January 2018. 

 It is our mission to make it easy and affordable for anyone and everyone to live sustainably by offering ethically sourced, vegan products at the lowest prices possible and we have done this by building both an online vegan supermarket and a platform to purchase goods at wholesale prices. 

Spreading Veganism 

I¬†think you would agree¬†that¬†if¬†people¬†decide¬†they want¬†to improve their lives¬†and¬†the lives of others¬†–¬†including our¬†non-human¬†cousins¬†‚Ästthey¬†should¬†never have to pay a premium to do so. And I know, beans and rice and fruit and veg is all deliciously affordable but what about when you just don‚Äôt have the time¬†to cook from scratch or make your own bicarbonate of soda deodorant or milk the almonds.¬†

The supermarkets aren‚Äôt much help.¬†How does selling vegan cheese/ice cream/ready meals at two or three times the price of non-vegan options help to recruit new vegans?¬†It simply isn‚Äôt fair or at all encouraging to make veganism or living sustainably look so unobtainable. Is somebody who drinks cow‚Äôs milk really going to look over at a ¬£3 carton of¬†plant milk alternative¬†in Sainsburys and think to themselves,¬†‚ÄúI think I‚Äôll try that today‚ÄĚ, or are they going to opt for low cost and convenience.¬†

That‚Äôs why The Eco Collective exists¬†–¬†to¬†give affordability and convenience back to ethical people and to¬†help to inspire positive change.¬†

Over the last 3 years, mum and I have spent countless hours sifting through the tens of thousands of food, household and personal care products available, checking each packet for rogue animal ingredients and then cataloguing them onto a website to bring to the UK, the largest range of 100% vegan products anywhere.  


The Power of Collective Purchasing 

So,¬†you‚Äôre probably wondering how we can possibly beat the supermarkets and offer some 8,500 products at wholesale prices and the answer is¬†–¬†our Members. When you become a Member¬†of our community¬†and donate by way of a subscription to The Collective, those funds are used¬†to¬†increase¬†its¬†buying power¬†–¬†which basically means we buy more and pay less.¬†Those savings are passed directly on to¬†our¬†Members and¬†are¬†reflected in the prices they pay for their shopping.¬†


The more Members in The Collective, the lower the prices get, it really is that simple. 

A lot of people have commented that it’s like Costco… and it is, kind of. Except we only source vegan products, you don’t have to be a Member to shop with us if you don’t want to (you can just shop at retail prices) and we are not-for-profit. Any profits we do make go into increasing our buying power further or is donated to valuable causes and charities. 

The contribution made to The Eco Collective for your membership helps with the running costs of the group as there is little to no mark-up on the products that we source Рwithout it there would be no way of providing this service. It costs less than Netflix (with 20% off for students) and it normally pays for itself in savings from just 3 or 4 items per month. 

 Helping Vegan Businesses Grow 

The Eco Collective¬†is not just another¬†shop, it‚Äôs a community of like-minded people all contributing to¬†a better world. It is¬†a platform¬†for bloggers¬†and vloggers¬†to share recipes and videos and¬†to help people who have¬†the planet‚Äôs best interests at heart to speak out and tower above ‚Äúbig business‚ÄĚ.¬†


It is a place where small producers can showcase their handmade items without having to pay for the privilege of a table top at a fair or sacrificing a large percentage cut. 

 The Future 

Limitless! With hundreds of members we could start buying directly from producers. With thousands, we could offer plant milk at the same price as cow’s milk! We could start to open real physical supermarkets across the country creating fairly-paid jobs, plastic free aisles, and spending extortionate wads of cash on nice long VEGAN TV adverts! 

 We have an opportunity to create something huge and purely for good, but we can’t do it without you. We are at the very start of something great, we only ask that you join us in our adventure and we will change the face of veganism in this country together. 

  Want To Join In? 


  • To become a¬†Wholesale Member¬†and part of our community, please email¬†memberships@ecocollective.co.uk.¬†
  • To try The Eco Collective for¬†free¬†and receive 5-20% off your order,¬†click here.¬†
  • If you want to have a browse of the items we source at their full retail prices,¬†go straight to the shop. You can click the ‚ÄėGet Discounts‚Äô link in the menu bar or email us later to join.¬†
  • If you still have questions, try checking out our¬†FAQ.¬†
  • To enquire about selling through The Eco Collective, please email¬†ecotraders@ecocollective.co.uk.¬†

We are looking for bloggers, YouTubers and web developers to help spread the word. If you would like to volunteer to help promote The Eco Collective, we have an Ambassador scheme. Please email hello@ecocollective.co.uk to find out more.