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CrowdLeaf Newsletter – The War On Plastic and Recycling News – 29th January 2018

CrowdLeaf Newsletter – The War On Plastic and Recycling News – 29th January 2018

Welcome to the first edition of our bi-weekly newsletters.

In this first edition, there’s great articles on how people around the world and the UK are recycling and reducing plastic pollution by making kayaks, Co-op group are producing fully biodegradable tea bags and an eco-friendly company producing plastic free packaging made from mushrooms.

In our Wildlife and Conservation news, the UK’s bat species are ‘recovering or stable’ and take a look at the rare Red Sandfish that was found in Tasmania.

If you feel like joining in the cause to help the environment check out our events section for talks on Marine Life, beach cleans and volunteer days.

Please give your views for this consultation on the draft Animal Welfare (Sentencing and Recognition of Sentience) Bill. There is a deadline ending 31st January 2018. ‘The Bill reflects the principle of animal sentience in domestic law and increases the maximum sentences for animal cruelty tenfold, from six months to five years in England and Wales.’ – Consultation On The Animal Welfare Bill

Please join us in signing the petition to help the WWF Stop Ivory Trade in the UK.

The War On Plastic and Recycling News

Plastic Sea Pollution To Be Recycled Into Kayaks

Plastic Pollution Is ‘Killing Corals’ By Increasing Risk Of Disease In Reefs

Local Tackle Tide Of Beach Plastic In Mumbai

Southampton Restaurant Owner Run By Master Chef Winner Will Ban Plastic Straw

Free Water Refill Points Rolled Out To Cut Waste

UK Opposes Strong EU Recycling Targets Despite Plastics Pledge

Sustainability News

Co-op Eco Friendly Plastic Free Teabags

Teaching Sustainability In Schools Through The Arts

Mexico Solar Justice

Plastic Free Mushroom Packaging

Wildlife And Conservation News

Rare Red Sandfish Found In Tasmania

Most UK Bat Species ‘Recovering Or Stable’ – BBC News

Shock As Rare ‘Male’ Vulture Lays An Egg At Wildlife Sanctuary

Protest For Texas Wildlife Refuge At Ground Zero Of Trumps Border Wall

Police Under Fire For Suggesting Suspension Of Badger Welfare Law

Paris Zoo Shut As 50 Baboons Escape


Greenpeace Meeting And Quiz 20th February

Marine Life Talk Southampton 1st February

Meet The Rangers At Weston Shore – 11th February

Showing Valleys Volunteer Day 25th February

Moonlight Owl Prowl 1st March

Great British Spring Clean 2nd March

Lepe Beach Clean 3rd March

Handy Websites

Something we look to help businesses do in the future. If you are a business that is in the waste(not) business please get in touch –Mixed Plastic Banks In Southampton

Pledge Your Commitment To Improving Hampshires Recycling Habits

Hampshire Recycling

This brilliant website gives tips and ideas about food waste and how to reduce it.

Love Food Hate Waste

Organic Veg Box Finder – Soil Association

Instead of throwing out or bagging up (to gather dust) all those clothes children quickly grow out of this is a brilliant website to buy or sell unwanted children clothes. It is run by a busy mum who also knows what it’s like with ever growing children and the endless amount of clothes children accumulate.

‘Last year a quarter of the clothing we got rid of was simply thrown away. That’s a staggering 300,000 tonnes that went into landfill. So many of those items could have been re-used and enjoyed by a another child, instead of contributing to the destruction of the planet.’


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