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CrowdLeaf is a forum for all Green, Sustainable and Conservation based News, Views, Events & Campaigns. This makes it the best place for you like minded environmentalists, planet sympathisers and those who hope and dream of a brighter tomorrow.

Our precious planet is in a desperate need of care and attention to keep it from disrepair. Disrepair caused by our collective carelessness and ignorance with our ambition to improve quality of living, community and technology. We believe it can be done, and without destroying the very rock we stand on to do it. But it has to be done right!

The care our planet needs requires everyone to come together and do their part. EVERYONE. We have had hugely successful movements over the past few years promoted by social influencers to fundraise for various causes to correct the damage already done. So the general public and social influencers and listening… Corps and Govs??? Hmm.

These corrections and cleanups are making fantastic progress but also disguising the problem by cleaning up the evidence. The fundamental problem still exists and damage is still sadly being done.

#TeamTrees #TeamSeas

Power is one of the main contributors of damage being done. Oil companies seem to be slow or refusing to change their business to greener alternatives and will inevitable mine, frack and pump this planet dry. Renewable energy alternatives have become increasingly impressive and innovative. From Wind, Sun, Seas and Rivers, there is so much free energy we can utilise from the planet, without taking what should no longer be ‘ours’ to take.

And it’s not just about Recycling and Green Energy. We share this planet with millions of other species. Many of which have gone extinct or are being endangered from our careless acts. From Poaching, Foresting, Harvesting and over fishing, our habits need to change for the sake of these precious species. A step in the right direction is to solve the excessive amount of food waste we generate. This is fuelled by retailers push to upsell 2 for 1 offers to encourage us to spend more, while making it appear as a saving. When in actual fact, the likely hood is the extra bought will be discarded as waste. Upselling isn’t just about promoting produce you don’t want, but encouraging you to buy more than you need. 

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CrowdLeaf is a forum, it is  for all Green, Sustainability and Conservation based, News, Views, Posts, Events & Campaigns and a place for like minded environmentalists, planet sympathisers and those who hope and dream of a brighter tomorrow.

The way that CrowdLeaf is financed is through donations and its profit making arm – Ryan Carter @rwscarter offers advice and consulting for new or existing companies and soletraders with a particular expertise on Social Value driven businesses, Cooperative ventures and social enterprise such as Community Interest Companies. Ryan can also draw on a pool of additional knowledge and people to deal with most types of business or projects to get them on the road to be green and sustainable in their business model, supply chain and outcomes. Helping with business plans, greening/environmental plans and with individual projects or in aiding with the up-scaling of campaigns.

Crowdleaf is on the road to becoming a Community Interest Company and puts into practice the values it promotes in both the profit making arm – (the shop and the green campaigns and business consulting) and the forum, free for all.

CrowdLeaf’s consulting arm offers a progressive approach to pricing with pricing being based on the type and size of a company as well as the scope of its ambitions.

The Shop for Sustainable Living, Business & Education

CrowdLeaf also has a shop, where you can buy a range of products, original or suggested environmental products we have sourced for your conveniance. aim to create Sustainable Living, Sustainable Business & Sustainable Education, that is our reason for existing, growing and why we get up in the morning. Put simply it is why we operate – yet sadly in order to provide the forum and awareness raising, the monthly radio show, the projects we need finance.

We provide a reasonable and fair prices on a whole host of products on the shop, and progressive pricing for the consulting for both business and campaigns, we accept donations in money and time, as well as blog posts or project based sponsorship (contact us for a chat if you might be interested in this).

The services and products we sell, donations we receive and money we give ourselves is used to grow, promote and run and all the activites we do. Thanks to dedication, volunteers and you the reader, subscriber or contributor we do a lot, but could also do and want to do so much more. The income generated by the commercial activies on this site will help with running costs and growth, travel expenses and support sustainability based projects.

The Forum is for all Green, Sustainability and Conservation based, News, Views, Posts, Events & Campaigns.

Feel free to share news on campaigns and policy initiatives, be them your own or an area you feel may be of interest for our members and the community and movement we are creating and supporting.

We also share and promote green products and investment based opportunities because for us every pound in Green, Bio, Low-No Carbon products and ventures in some way will help protect the world in which we live. It’s active green investment and acts twofold if we get fossil fuel divestment money into green investment.

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