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General News

  • Erik Solheim’s huge travel bill is a ‘reputation risk’ and he has ‘no regard’ for rules, says draft internal audit

    The globe-trotting travels of the UN’s environment chief have been sharply criticised in a draft internal audit as “contrary to the ethos of carbon emission reduction”.

    Erik Solheim, executive director of UN Environment, was travelling for 529 out of the 668 days audited, spending $488,518 (£370,380), according to the report. The audit also said he had “no regard for abiding by the set regulations and rules” and claimed unjustified expenses.

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  • Black plastic, which cannot be recycled, to be phased out by end of month

    Lidl UK says it will remove black plastic from its entire fruit and vegetable range by the end of the month.

    Black plastic packaging is not recyclable in the UK, as it cannot be detected by the sorting systems used for plastic recycling, and the supermarket chain says its move will save an estimated 50 tonnes of black plastic waste a year.

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  • Alaska’s habitat regulations are sorely lacking, and big oil has taken advantage of that but the grassroots campaign Stand for Salmon is ready to face them down

    When John Muir wanted to prove his theory that glaciers had carved his beloved Yosemite Valley, he sailed north to Alaska and found rivers of ice so massive they flowed from tall coastal mountains all the way to the sea.

    He also found Pacific salmon, a lifeblood, five species of remarkable fish that leave their natal rivers and streams, go out to sea for two to five years, and return to freshwater to spawn and die. The indigenous Tlingit who paddled Muir hundreds of miles in their cedar dugout canoes taught the California naturalist much about gratitude, and what it means to live among salmon, free of money.

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  • The mayor of London is proud of his work boosting cycling in the capital, but his critics say too little is being done

    On a blustery September day two years into his mayoralty of London, Sadiq Khan appears atop a Santander cycle to open a stretch of kerb-protected bike lane – the 2.5km extension of cycle superhighway 6, from Farringdon to Kings Cross. It may be the first time he’s appeared officially on a bike since his 2016 election campaign but he seems genuinely passionate about cycling and walking, and has clearly done his homework – even if some of his stats don’t tell the whole story.

    Flanked by his deputy mayor for transport, Heidi Alexander, and his walking and cycling commissioner, Will Norman, Khan is bullish about his cycling record. This despite ongoing criticism over delays, and a bruising exchange with Westminster city council this summer – the council he brands “anti-walking, anti-cycling” after it blocked cycle superhighway 11 and Oxford Street pedestrianisation in quick succession.

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  • For three months from November 1973, the Dutch government banned cars on Sundays to curb oil consumption during the Opec energy crisis. City residents enjoyed picnics on empty motorways and got around on foot, by bike ... and on horseback

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AlexPosted on  1:24 am - Jun 10, 2016

Great place to get all my Green news!

CrowdLeaf (@Crowdleaf)Posted on  10:36 am - Oct 27, 2016

World to lose 2/3 of wild species by 2020. The world can’t wait.

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