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General News

  • London Resort planned for Swanscombe Peninsula despite site being home to rare species such as distinguished jumping spider

    It is the unlikeliest of planning battles: a fight between the distinguished jumping spider and a rollercoaster judged to be “nationally significant infrastructure”.

    Ambitious £3.5bn plans for the biggest theme park in Britain beside the Thames threaten what conservationists say is the best site in the country for rare invertebrates.

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  • Study measured financial impact of car emissions on deaths, health and lost working days in 432 urban areas

    The health costs of air pollution from roads are higher in London than any other city in Europe, a study has found.

    Two other urban areas in the UK, Manchester and the West Midlands, have the 15th and 19th highest costs respectively among the 432 European cities analysed.

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  • The smooth handfish is the first extinct marine bony fish of modern times. Scientists are now wondering how many more have disappeared unnoticed

    In 1802, when French naturalist François Péron slipped a small, chunky Australian fish into a jar of preservative, little did he suspect that his unassuming prize would be the only member of its species ever known to science. The smooth handfish (Sympterichthys unipennis) was declared extinct by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List earlier this year. This strange and spiny bottom-dweller made history with its passing. It became the first marine bony fish to be listed as extinct in modern times. Today, all that remains of the species is that discoloured specimen in the Natural History Museum in Paris.

    Scooped up off the coast of south-east Tasmania, Péron’s catch was one of the 14 handfish species living in southern Australian waters at the time. The relatives of the smooth handfish are a colourful family which crawl around the seafloor using adapted fins as “hands”. They look like grumpy ageing punks, each sporting a dorsal fin over its head like a mohawk, bulging eyes and a cantankerous expression.

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  • Some of the solutions sound fantastical – but their proponents argue that there are precious few other options

    Time is running out for the Arctic. The region continues to warm at two or three times the global rate and scientists now predict that we could see Arctic summer ice disappear as early as 2042.

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  • Firm will install public chargers in poorer boroughs to persuade its drivers to switch to electric cars

    Uber has pledged to invest more than £5m in public electric vehicle charging infrastructure in some of the poorest boroughs in London, to help persuade its reluctant drivers to switch to electric cars.

    The global ride-hailing firm will announce the investment, which it admits is only a fraction of the money needed, as it seeks to highlight the imbalance across the capital in the installation of charge points.

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3 thoughts on “General News

AlexPosted on  1:24 am - Jun 10, 2016

Great place to get all my Green news!

CrowdLeaf (@Crowdleaf)Posted on  10:36 am - Oct 27, 2016

World to lose 2/3 of wild species by 2020. The world can’t wait.

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