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CrowdLeaf Newsletter 30th November 2017

CrowdLeaf Newsletter 30th November 2017

Welcome to this weeks newsletter, giving you your weekly updates on climate change, environment, sustainability and all things green.

This weeks articles range between how Richard Branson is getting involved with clean energy for the Caribbean to Bearded Dragons becoming dummer due to the effects of Climate Change to some great news about some rare seahorse sightings in the River Thames. There are also some great video’s to watch and learn about recycling.

With Christmas just around the corner, there are some eco-friendly tips from Friends Of the Earth on how to choose a sustainable Christmas Tree, Christmas gift ideas instead of going straight to the shops and food ideas.

In the events, there  are some great opportunities to get involved with a beach clean in Southsea, an annual meeting with Friends Of Weston Shore. Also, not forgetting it is still National Tree Week and The Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth have a great event which includes tree decorating, sapling planting and tree story telling – perfect for getting the kids involved!

Climate Change and Pollution

Richard Brandson Wants To Power The Caribbean With Clean Energy

After experiencing the effects of Hurricane Irma on his private island, Necker, Richard Branson wants to power the Caribbean with clean energy and is working to encourage other leaders in the caribbean to also use renewable energy.

From Another Perspective, This Is How Climate Change Is Affecting Lives And Resulting in A Generation of Child Brides In Africa


Amazon are recycling excess energy from Data Centres to heat their Seattle Headquarter offices.


Images From A Warming Planet – UK Pictures

Greenpeace Christmas Ad

This is a strong message to what is happening to our beautiful ocean from Greenpeace.

Lobster Found With Pepsi Logo Tattooed Fuels Fear Over Ocean Litter



Dirty Air Is Killing Our Children

An important reason why we should be encouraged to walk or cycle as much as possible. Not only would it reduce emissions to protect our children from future health issue’s it is beneficial for the whole world.

Conservation and Wildlife

Stop Hating On Vultures – Vultures can get a lot of bad press and are often depicted as villains so this is a video to show how important Vultures are to the ecosystem.

Albatross’s Hit By Climate Change

Rare Seahorses Found In The Thames

Seahorses are known to be ‘sticklers’ for clean water so this is amazing news to hear there are more frequent sightings in the river Thames.

Bearded Dragons getting Dimmer Due To Climate Change

Warmer temperatures maybe affecting these lizards eggs in the nest, a new study suggests, which could be causing Bearded Dragons to grow up dimmer as they learn slower as adults.

‘Record Numbers Of Rare Migrant Dragonflies Spotted In The Uk’


London Mayor Calls For Ban On Fracking And Wants To Focus On clean And Renewable Energy.


How To Catch Wind Turbine Syndrome – By Hearing About It Then Worrying’

Minister Urges People To Dump Packaging At Shop Check  Outs.


Companies Are Still Destroying Rainforests To Make Household Products Despite Promises To Stop By 2020.


Costa Rica Runs on Green Energy For a record breaking 300 days.


Elon Musk – The Worlds Biggest Battery Built In 100 Days.

Friends Of the Earth Eco-tips


Edible Coffee Cup – Biodegradable Completely Natural Ingredient

New Giant Offshore Wind Farm In Norfolk

 Eco Light Powered By Plants



Wineries To Go Green To Meet Consumer Interest In Organic Products


A Bottle That Biodegrades As soon As It Is Empty


The UK’s Only Organic Pub

This is a fantastic place that aims to be fully sustainable. Not only is the food and drink organic, the furniture is second hand, all glass, cardboard and tins are recycled, even the pubs food waste is collected and used to generate energy.


Two Supermarkets Have Backed A Bottle Deposit Scheme And Urge Other Supermarkets To Do The Same In A bid To Reduce Plastic Pollution


‘What Happens To Our Recycling?’


Norway’s Brilliant Recycling Idea



Friends of Weston Shore host their Annual General Meeting in Woolston Community Centre

Thursday 30th November 2017 19:00


National Tree Week at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth in Wales

Saturday 2nd December 2017 13:00 – 15:30

National Tree Week Event – Machynlleth

Southsea Beach Clean

Saturday 2nd December 2017

Coffee Cup, Eastney 10am-12pm


Sea-Bin Change

Friday 1st December 2017 17.00 – 20.30



Handy Websites

Instead of throwing out or bagging up (to gather dust) all those clothes children quickly grow out of this is a brilliant website to buy or sell unwanted children clothes. It is run by a busy mum who also knows what it’s like with ever growing children and the endless amount of clothes children accumulate.

“Last year a quarter of the clothing we got rid of was simply thrown away. That’s a staggering 300,000 tonnes that went into landfill. So many of those items could have been re-used and enjoyed by another child, instead of contributing to the destruction of the planet.”


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