CrowdLeaf Newsletter 10th February 2019

Hello and welcome to the first CrowdLeaf Newsletter for February. There are some new wildlife emoji’s for 2019 – check them out here. Please feel free to like and follow us on Facebook here. If you have and idea, article or an event you would like to share on our newsletter just contact us via […]

CrowdLeaf Newsletter 9th August 2018

Hello and welcome to this weeks newsletter. Come and join CrowdLeaf and Southampton Common Forum on a litter pick around Southampton Common on Friday 17th August whereby we will be meeting at the Hawthorn Cafe for 18:30. If anyone can help to take away any of the recycling or aluminium this would be a great […]

CrowdLeaf Newsletter – Clean Air Day – 21st June 2018

Welcome to this weeks CrowdLeaf newsletter. Which falls on Clean Air Day the 21st of June. This week we want to look at our Air Quality and how we can work on improving this. We have two new and fantastic Guest articles and one from a few weeks back on the theme of Air Pollution. […]

CrowdLeaf Newsletter – World Penguin Day – 25th April 2018

Welcome to CrowdLeaf’s newsletter. What a great evening and well done to the Sustainability mic night Friday just gone (20th April) where many people came, including CrowdLeaf’s Ryan Carter, to say their piece about what they are doing to help the environment. A fantastic idea and so many amazing people out there really working hard […]

CrowdLeaf Newsletter – The Importance Of Water – 6th February 2018

 This week we are looking at the importance of water. With unusual seasonal patterns for 3 consecutive years due to climate change, the people of Cape Town are facing severe water shortages. Lakes are drying up, the environment is struggling and peoples businesses are under threat due to the drought. It is only a matter […]

Water equality: challenging the global balance? by @MarIntroini

We must move forward towards a full implementation of SDG 6 “Clean water and sanitation” as it is one pillar that connect with essential goals as SDG 1“no poverty”, SDG 2“zero hunger”, SDG 3 “good health and well-being”. Transforming SDG 6 on a dangerous goal that threatens the entire system in dramatic terms that compromise […]

The goal of a sustainable world within an unsustainable political framework by @MarIntroini

Originally posted on  : “In anxious anticipation” the name of Aaron Tilley´s sculpture that illustrates our article represents the threaten impact of an unsustainable political system. Paradoxically the pillar message from political leaders is precisely: a sustainable system. The question is: Does the current political system give a framework sufficiently solid to boost a sustainable […]

Are we ‘falling or rolling towards a GREEN age?’ By @MarIntroini

Being GREEN is not just another fashion trend made up of recycling, eating ecological food or the use of solar panels, as many skeptics would argue. Being green means awareness of the negative impact of relentless climate change that needs us as individual to act to make a real difference. If not, every attempt is reduced to […]