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CrowdLeaf Newsletter 10th February 2019 – CrowdLeaf
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CrowdLeaf Newsletter 10th February 2019

CrowdLeaf Newsletter 10th February 2019

Hello and welcome to the first CrowdLeaf Newsletter for February.

There are some new wildlife emoji’s for 2019 – check them out here.

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Guest Articles

We have some great guest articles this week by Mar Introini:

A green environment by bottom up initiatives?

The sky is the limit … towards a green innovative transport

How to be green and not die trying

Climate Change and Pollution

Climate change: UK capture project begins

UK parents ‘worryingly unaware’ of damage from air pollution

A young girl blows into a spirometer during a photocall to promote clean air in London.

Climate change: World heading for warmest decade, says Met Office

Plan Plastic: The Million Pound Challenge

A third of Himalayan ice cap doomed, finds report

The Khumbu glacier

New segregated cycle ways are to be built in Southampton’s inner Avenue

Mayflower Theatre to ditch plastic straws as part of new green agreement

Fast food giants under fire on climate and water usage


The truth about big oil and climate change

BP to explain how business chimes with paris Climate deal

Signage for a BP petrol station in London

Court rules out Hunter Valley calming on climate change grounds

Wildlife and Conservation

Farmers fury over effects of SNH policy on wildlife

California looks to enlist hunters in wildlife conservation push

The state of California is trying to recruit more young people to hunt.

Anglesey’s bid to wipe out American mink from island

Leave grey squirrels and all animals alone

A grey squirrel

Spelling bee’s? No, but they can do arithmetic, says researchers

Recycling and Sustainability

Eco warriors at local school get to grips with crisp recycling

Is recycling really worth my time?

Your ultimate guide to buying ethical and sustainable fashion

Children should be taught about the perils of fast fashion as early as possible

Mexican company converts avocado pits into completely biodegradable plastic

Ikea to sell refurbished furniture to boost culture of recycling


Natural Babies – Testwood Lakes 12th, 19th, 26th February

Southampton Repair Cafe 9th February

Southampton Vegan Fair 9th February

Youth Strike4Climate – Southampton 15th February

Repair Cafe Portsmouth 16th February

Public Open Meeting and 2019AGM meeting 26th February

Handy Websites

Recycle Your Textiles – Fire Fighters

Ecological Footprint Calculator – How ecological are you? Find out here

Here is an great article with some great tips on living plastic free.

Check Out the Eco Collective who offer 100% vegan products and offer gluten free and organic produce.

Something we look to help businesses do in the future. If you are a business that is in the waste(not) business please get in touch –Mixed Plastic Banks In Southampton

Here is Southampton’s list on what to put into your blue lid recycling bin: What Can I Recycle?

Pledge Your Commitment To Improving Hampshires Recycling Habits

Hampshire Recycling

This brilliant website gives tips and ideas about food waste and how to reduce it.

Love Food Hate Waste

Instead of throwing out or bagging up (to gather dust) all those clothes children quickly grow out of this is a brilliant website to buy or sell unwanted children clothes. It is run by a busy mum who also knows what it’s like with ever growing children and the endless amount of clothes children accumulate.

‘Last year a quarter of the clothing we got rid of was simply thrown away. That’s a staggering 300,000 tonnes that went into landfill. So many of those items could have been re-used and enjoyed by a another child, instead of contributing to the destruction of the planet.

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Equally if you have an article or blog which is relevant to the local or global cause of making the world cleaner and greener or feel there is an issue that could be part of a discussion, then feel free to send it over and we can publish it.

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On behalf of CrowdLeaf,

Vicky & Ryan

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Vicky Wallis

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